An Unbalanced Apology

Peppermint Sunshine

She cradled them

Delicate bulbs resting in the crook of her elbow

Seemed to weigh a ton

Probably costed him a pretty coin

If it was any other day,

She’d be happy

If the bouquet was for another reason

She’d be smiling

But this wasn’t any other day

And it wasn’t for another reason

He said it was an accident

Said he wouldn’t do it again

Said their love was true

And his love for her was everlasting

But what he did was a betrayal

It cut her deep

Yanked out her heart

And tossed it in a shredded

She didn’t know what infuriated her more

That he thought an apology was erase his discretion

Or that flowers was absolve her pain.

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Tam Mason: A Handpicked Selection Box (Review)

When it comes to giving my hands a little self-care, Tam Mason’s Nourishing Sugar Hand Scrubs are my go-to product since I discovered them a few months ago, as not only are they gently exfoliating but also incredibly nourishing too… I fell in love with the Rose & Patchouli Nourishing Sugar Scrub after first use, […]

Tam Mason: A Handpicked Selection Box (Review)

Tam Mason: Rose & Patchouli Hand Scrub (Review)

Beauty Folio

|Gifted| I’m sure i’m not the only one whose hands have been in need of some TLC since the pandemic began, with constant hand washing and increased use of alcohol sanitisers that have certainly taken their toll. Now, with the additional stress on our skin from the heating and harsher weather, finding a product formulated with dry hands in mind is a must. Luckily i’ve found one in the form of a plastic free hand scrub from British, indie brand Tam Mason…

Tam Mason are a small, indie beauty brand based in Somerset who pride themselves on creating natural products that are great on the skin, Earth-conscious in their packaging and lovingly handmade to ensure the highest quality. All of the products in the range are centred around organic sugar, skin-loving oils and essential oil blends that offer a sensory experience as well as feeding your skin.

I have recently…

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Lamborghini Countach Pace Car

Lamborghini Countach Pace Car (Hot Wheels) The Lamborghini Countach Pace Car: I really like this recent Hot Wheels casting, I love Lamborghinis. I like that this casting has a light bar, some recent “police cars” have just had the police tampo decoration with no light bar, which looks a bit cheap. The Countach makes an […]

Lamborghini Countach Pace Car

Brand Comparison BMW 3.0CSL Hot Wheels v Majorette v Matchbox

Diecast Car Collector

BMW 3.0CSL left to right: Hot Wheels, Majorette, Matchbox

I’m not a great fan of modern BMWs but I like some of their pre-1980 models like the BMW 3.0CSL. I have three examples of this model by different diecast brands. The Hot Wheels model is a recent casting, it has a plastic base and is made in Malaysia. The Majorette and Matchbox models date from the 1970s and both have that nostalgia buzz, I had an orange Majorette model in my childhood. They are roughly the same length but the Matchbox model is significantly wider than the other two. The Matchbox model looks too chunky, the other two look to be closer to the proportions of the actual car. The Hot Wheels model has attractive tampo decoration, looking like a Castrol sponsored race car, but it has no opening parts. The Majorette model is made in France and has…

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